Garage Conversion Coventry

Garage Conversion Coventry

Coventry Garage Conversions believe that quality, performance, attention to detail and customer service can all be achieved on a project at an affordable price. As a family business we understand and appreciate the impact that extensions and alterations on your home can have on your family. That is why we treat each garage conversion as if it is being carried out on one of our own homes. If you are looking for a garage conversion Coventry then you have come to the right place.

Identifying the correct company to carry out your garage conversion is an enormous decision. Coventry Garage Conversions have a large portfolio of garage conversions and our customers are willing to discuss their experiences of having a project completed to a high standard, on time and stress free.

All works carried out by Coventry Garage Conversions meet all current regulations. This means that all gas installations are Gas Safe certified, all works are certified by Building Regulations and all electrical works are fully tested and Part P certified. Coventry Garage Conversions will project manage the conversion from start to finish.

Coventry Garage Conversions has undertaken many garage conversions in Coventry, both attached and detached from the house. In the majority of cases the garage conversion will only require building regulation permission from the local authority. However if the garage extension is integral with the house a pitched roof is sometimes desired to replace the existing flat roof and therefore would require planning permission.

This type of garage conversion design can also be enhanced by the introduction of roof windows within the rafters adding natural daylight. The garage conversion projects that are attached to the house normally have similar design considerations, removal of garage door, new foundation and external wall, installation of doorway into the house, drainage and plumbing if wet areas are introduced and insulation of walls, floor and ceiling to decrease heat loss to meet current building regulations criteria.

The other style of garage conversion projects we have completed have been the conversion of double garages into elderly persons annexe linked to the occupants of the house. This type of scheme would require planning permission as well as building regulations as you have to consider access and amenity space separate to the main dwelling. We would need to consider the space requirements within the existing structure to achieve adequate habitable areas. Again garage conversion design considerations will include new foundations and walls, drainage and plumbing, insulation to the whole structure because of the change in use.

Separate heating and electrical services would also need to be installed. Providing this type of development contributes towards the pressure for housing in urban areas as long as the design is keeping with the character and appearance of the house and the street.

All of these types of garage conversion projects, although appearing straight forward, the design and thought that we introduce can make a simple plain layout into a very useful and practical area that enhances both the value and character of the property.

So if you are looking for a garage conversion Coventry, then you have come to the right place. Please do not hesitate to CONTACT US or call us with your enquiry on 07976 051067 and from your initial contact our friendly passionate service will begin.

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